I Was Ready To Leave The MLM Industry For Good... Until I Stumbled On Your Website 3 Days Ago

"Dear Ann,

Well, what can I say? I was ready to leave the MLM industry for good, after having poured my heart, soul, AND considerable amount (I thought) of money into this business method with at least 5 companies, and getting nowhere in the end, until...

I stumbled on your website 3 days ago - and have had virtually no sleep since then. I knew immediately what I had found was the answer to all my past MLM problems, so I signed up immediately into your affiliate program, and have read the ENTIRE Renegade Network Marketer twice, plus Viral Marketing, and the 7 Great Lies - an absolute must because it lays bare the fundamental problem that all us "failures" experienced, but had no answer for...

Thanks again for your remarkable effort - the entire industry will come to thank you for it!"

Cheers and best wishes,
Tony Rich,
Sydney, Australia

I Have Tried So Many NWM Systems And You Are The First Person Who Has Made So Much Sense!

Maria Tuchi

"Hi Ann -

Brilliant!! The information you give is priceless and having it tie into your affiliate system is genius. You whole e-book is an example of what to do - not telling what to do but actually doing it. WOW!! I have tried many NWM systems and you are the first person who has made so much sense to me that I finally feel settled about what I need to do. Really, you are brilliant!!"

Maria G. Turchi

I Always Knew There Had To Be Something That The REAL Moneymakers Were Doing They Weren't Telling Me

Michael Francis

"Ann you're the best! I always knew there had to be something that the REAL moneymakers were doing they weren't telling me. And I always felt making myself UNIQUE and marketing on the internet was the best thing to do, but my upline always wanted me to do things their way. Now I know the truth. Thanks!"

Michael Francis
Beltsville, MD

Thank You For Your Truthfulness And Sincerity

Cindy Neske

"Hi, I just finished reading your whole e-book in one setting. I could not stop, and that's rare that my interest was captured all the way through. It just kept getting better and better, so much useful information I can't wait to implement.

Thank you for your truthfulness and sincerity. I know my business will take on a new level because of The Renegade Network Marketer, I look forward to sharing this new knowledge with my downline and upline."

Cindy Neske

Couldn't Stop Reading...

"I sat down yesterday with the intent of reading the Introduction and Chapter 1 of "The Renegade Network Marketer". Like most network marketers I have a part-time job and felt that was all I had time to read.

Twenty minutes before I had to be at work, I finished reading the whole book. I could not stop. What's even more unusual for me is I had to wait until today to gather my thoughts in order to write these comments. Had I written them yesterday I would have been locked away for being a ranting lunatic.

This is how powerfully I received the content of "The Renegade Network Marketer". Add a zero to the cost of this ebook, the information contained within is worth it."

Dale Steward

All I Ask Is You Put A Couple Zeros On The End Of The Price...


Excellent stuff! For once a product that is all meat and no fluff!

It's amazing but this stuff crossed my mind several years ago and while you have had the courage and common sense to tell it like it is, I'm sure you'll ruffle a few feathers in the process. So what! All I ask is you put a couple of zeros on the end of the price because even then, this information would be a steal!

Dean Caporella

Phenomenal Unique System - WOW!

Brian Karwowski"Great forward thinking marketing system. This system addresses several important issues for many marketers, getting cash flow going for a marketing budget, building credibility, developing leads, resource & training area and residual income generation.

There is so much here to digest I know I'll have to read this several times so that I can absorb it all. Phenomenal unique system - WOW!"

Brian Karwowski
Deerfield, NY

Two Thumbs WAY UP!

Jeffery"Ann - The Truth, The Whole Truth, AND Nothing But The Truth". You have finally exposed the secrets of the MLM heavy hitter club!

WOW, right on target!

And you have made it very easy to understand for the average person hoping to make it BIG in network marketing. Two thumbs WAY UP on your ebook, "The Renegade Network Marketer"!"

Jeffrey Forman

Will Change How Network Marketing Will Be Practiced in the 21st Century...

"Ann Sieg is the most qualified professional sales training consultant that I have worked with in 30 years. She has taught me the reality of how and why customers buy in todays competitive sales environment.

Her philosophy of conceptual selling and win-win attitude will change how Network Marketing will be successfully practiced in the 21st Century."

Thomas F. Richardson
Independent XanGo Distributor

Wish I'd Found It 4 Years Ago...

"I went online to do some research and came across Ann's information... I realized why my first business attempt failed - I had fallen into all 4 traps of why most Network Marketers fail!

I don't know how I would have built my business without this. I know that I am laying the groundwork for my success by defining my goals, creating a plan of action, developing my skills and preparing for the growth that will come as I consistently do the work.

I am so excited to have found this information. I wish I'd found it 4 years ago, but better late than never!"

Carrie Kearsley

This e-book and system has pulled in all the best marketing concepts I have ever heard and put them on steroids.

McKay EarlAnn, I can not communicate in words how incredible this book is for me! My mind is exploding with ideas!

This was exactly what I was looking for when I began my search for mlm training. This e-book and system has pulled in all the best marketing concepts I have ever heard and put them on steroids. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your hard, diligent work in putting this together. I am excited to take part in this incredible team. Thanks again!

McKay Earl

Thank God for Ann Sieg...


"I didn't realize the piece of gold I was holding and reading, until about page 70 - and then I started having a difficult time holding my excitement in.

I read the next 44 pages OUT LOUD to my husband. Then I couldn't sleep the entire night, my mind was ticking so fast, with how soon I could start. The Renegade Network Marketer was an easy, enjoyable read, with a ton of information. Many pages I read over, to get a good understanding of the concept, and of course understand some of the terms that I was not familiar with.

But, Ann made it simple to understand, and kept me glued to the page, anxious to turn the next page and gobble up the info! WOW! I just keep repeating, "unbelievable." Thank God for Ann Sieg."

Alicia Bausley
Anaheim Hills, CA

... Didn't Realize The Gold Mine I Had Found.

"I was ready to give up on my network marketing business after only six weeks. Desperate for more direction other than to make a list of 200 people and start calling, I checked online. Fortunately, the first site I viewed was Ann's. I didn't realize at that time the gold mine I had found.

Since I had never been in sales or network marketing, I had absolutely no skills. I didn't even know what a lead was. I have found the training to be invaluable. And it just makes sense to be calling people who requested information about a home-based network marketing business than from a list of acquaintances.

Thanks Ann, for remarkable leadership, and for such a beneficial resource."

Nancy Christenson

I Can See the Results For Myself.

"Many of us become involved in Network marketing with the hopes of making it big. We are all inspired at some level by the allure of financial freedom. The industry is riddled with success stories of $50,000-$60,000 checks a month. Anyone struggling or not can not help but see, if only for a second the great potential that lies in being in business for yourself. Ask Bill Gates, need he say more than his $46 Billion testimony.

It therefore stands to reason that we cannot expect financial freedom if we are none the wiser about the methodologies to achieve such success? Having been in Network Marketing on and off for years, I could not take the advice my upline kept giving. You are doing well she said, keep it up. Whoever heard of 20 appointments a day and not a single one shows up? Really I am doing so well huh!

It was this and many other problems that lead me find Ann. I took three weeks researching it on my own. I would like to let you know with Ann's watchful eye, I no longer need to hear you are doing well, keep it up. I can see the results for myself.

Abraham Lincoln said that if he was given 6 hours in which to fell a tree, he would use five of those 6 hours sharpening the axe. If any of you have ever cut down a tree, moral of this quote is not lost on you."

Patricia Kagwiria Makhulo

The Sales Process Just Became
a Whole Lot of Fun!

"Ann, we just finished reading the "Renegade Network Marketer" e-book for the second time and all we can say is... WOW! The information in this resource is going to help countless people turn their Network Marketing businesses around for the better.

For us, we always had the "Why" and our reasons for doing our business and this book finally gives us the real nuts and bolts "How". We're tired of being Network Marketing failures and your info is helping us to become true MLM pros!

We love how you didn't "water down" any of your book and how you give the complete inside scoop of how massive MLM organizations are built.

Lets' face it, this is a real business and even though it's a dirty word in our biz, we all do "sales". Fortunately, after completing the "Renegade Network Marketer", our view on sales has changed and with your marketing techniques, the sales process just became a whole lot of fun!!"

Nancy & Shawn Power,
Vancouver, Canada.